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GFY Ambush Interview thread vdc-Loki

Question #1
1. You were once a real radio DJ? What was that like?

Yes indeed, actually one of my first jobs (I slept my way into actually lol) I had just turned 16 (I think lol) and my girlfriend at the time, her brother worked at the music dir / overnight jock at a Detroit radio station (99.5 The Fox) (it's a cunt-tree station now lol) I used to hang out at the station with him here and there, and I did voices for the overnight show, that led to being picked up with the morning show for a few months again doing voice work and whatnot.

At that time I was making $32.00 an hour so needless to say being 16 and working 2am - 11am School was not an option so I quit going lol, asked the guidance counselor

"What's A Good Job"

Well, err, um..... you see.... A good job is a job, you work, and well, it will help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle of living. (WORD FOR WORD FOLKS LOL)

"Well is $32.00 an hour a good job?"

WHAT? That's more then I make!

"Then I quit!"

From 99.5 The fox I ended up in Lansing at WVIC again just doing voice work, and from there right about the age of 17 I landed (not by my own choice mind you) in the middle of no-where northern Michigan and I landed a weekend job at 106.7 The Peak... for a massive paycut lol.

Question #
Out of all the niches in our industry, the 3d toon niche must be the most misunderstood. Do people really get turned on wanking off to toons, and how did in the world did you get into this niche?

Ahh, Prolly the questions of all questions lol, this one will prolly be a long read littered with grammatical errors lol....

First off, I would not say that 3D Toons would be the MOST misunderstood niche, for example, diapers, balloons their pretty out there lol.

Do People Really Wank? I can only speak for myself and say I have no clue lol, Over the last 10 years I've formed a few opinions on this though, and I'll expound on them.

I personally feel there is a good mix of exactly WHY this content works the way it does, it's a 2 parter

(1) since it is hand-created or "Art" people can look at it (and even wank to it) and tell themselves it's ART not PORN

(2) 3D Toons, and traditional Toons can deliver stuff that real porn just CAN'T, hands down so there is the fantasy aspect.

Now I know in other countries like Japan for example, they are into some pretty 'freaky' stuff (say from the standards of folks in the US) and I'm SURE they whip out the noodle and soak it in soy-sauce lol

As for how I got into the game that's the "funny" story...

I had been working off and on with MSAgent back in the mid 90's building lil 'screen-mates' for mainstream stuff offline (You remember that annoying animated paperclip from Office? THATS MSAgent stuff....

Anyway, fast forward to 98 or 99 I was working with a mainstream client of mine (record company) they had an artist with a new album coming out and they needed some way of having him posing with weed but NOT have any trouble associated with it, so I got ahold of some 3D-Software, and created a virtual version of the artist, and posed him (very crudely by todays standards lol) with joints, bongs, feilds of pot etc.

Fast forward a few months and I had gotten hired by some locals to shoot local girls for a pornsite

Some locals saw it, and asked... "Hey you think you can do that porn style and make some D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) style stuff?" I figured I could give it a try

I made up some (AWFUL) pics of this green elf chick and put them into the paysite mockup, we had then found a man by the name of Kre8t0r over at Adult NetSurprise and had 'hired' him to be our consultant, I say "Hired" cause he never did get paid lol.

At any rate, the minute Kre8t0r saw the 3D stuff, he DEMANDED that pull the toons down and make a standalone paysite with them, I took that idea to the locals and they said NO! all they wanted to do was shoot local girls... or they just wanted to see the local girls naked lol, so I asked them if they cared if I went off on my own with the toons, they said they didn't give a shit, so I got back with Kre8t0r and said... "Since your the one who told me to do this shit, YOUR gonna be my partner in this shit"

The locals project never got off the ground and they folded, so I took the tours I had designed and revamped them for these new 3D sites, and in mid 2001 V1rtualDesires was born and we released the first 100% 3D Toon Paysite (Prior to that there WERE OTHER 3D paysites BUT they featured both real and toon porn)

shortly after we opened V1rtualDesires Cash (VDC) which also then became the first 100% 3D-Toon program (again prior there was no-one pushing JUST 3D paysites)

V1rtualDesires Cash was renamed Planet X Cash in mid / late 2004 and closed in 2007 due to 'host issues' (See Question #11 for that story)

Question #3

You are one of the lucky few who have been stalked by Lawrence Connor. How did you get to be so lucky to be in this few select group of people that he stalks, and why does he consider you the Anti-Christ?

Ahh The LC saga lol, I've learned to just Block / Ignore, it's really like a case of cyber herpes lol every few weeks he just pops back up

So, all the oldschoolers remember the Pornstar-U thing, and some might even know a little known bit of juicy gossip, I was told by a very good source (sorry I forget who at this time) that in fact LC was NEVER a "surfer" but a "paid staff member" of the company.

In order to generate buzz LC was sent board to board to "harass" people and pose as a surfer, piss everyone off, and ultimately have it lead to the actual 'contest' to be fixed and LC would be the "winning surfer' that got to fuck a porn-star.

(Now if that was indeed 100% true or not, I have no clue, that is just what I was told from day one from an ex-employee of the company)

I for one HATED every bit of it, we have enough fake bullshit in this biz, and I could not stand to see more of it, especially in this regards when it wasn't 'us' lying to surfers, it was 'us' lying to 'us' I saw no point of it at all, Sooooo I made it my personal mission to expose the 'truth' of the LC / Porn-star-u saga

During and after "LC's ass-fucking" I was doing radio shows with various networks, I believe it was on the PLR show with D-Man that was started the weekly raping of LC.

We would have him on the show for various reasons, get him on the air and then just ATTACK him to death, it carried over from show to show, network to network and I won't lie it was FUN, Funny, and I'd do it all over in a heartbeat.

Then it spilled over to the boards, LC would follow me from board to board and just let loose a barrage of bash-posts, I remember a month long stint over on ANS years back where the reg posters actually got scared lol

All in all LC feels that I (yeah little ole' me lol) was one of the KEY REASONS he never made it in this industry and he's made it his mission to fuck with me (and the rest of the "Stalked By LC" club lol.

IF I can dig up some of the more "classic" LC / Loki radio archives I'll post links here later lol

Question #
With your checked past, I have to ask.... Are you the Anti-Christ?

Hmmmm, I guess it all depends on the day , most of my life I've been called The Devil, and sometimes I can even believe it lol, oddly enough it plays into one of my current mainstream projects too.

How bout some more photos, this time lets make them some of my work...

Question #
You had a lot to do with various webmaster radio shows in the indsutry, and now run your own show? How did you get into doing this, who have you worked with on various radio shows, and explain to use what your doing now with webmaster radio.

To star off with I am NOT currently doing any radio shows (But I COULD be convinced to do it again IF I had a nice paying sponsor lol)

/begin name-dropping segment lol

That really all stems back from my time in the actual radio market offline, I've always loved it, and I was THRILLED when shoutcast first came on the scene, It really made what Andy Warhol said an actual reality! But when it came down to doing "webmaster radio" I blame all that on the one and only Dokk!

Years ago Dokk hosted The "Thursday Night Adult Net Surprise Party" and I called in from time to time, Dokk and I would go back and forth with diff voices and whatnot. A while later we were talking on messenger and he said "You know, you really need your own show, just don't do it on a Thursday lol"

I was reluctant to do a internet radio show, so instead using my 'status' of a program owner / content producer I just became a caller for a bunch of other shows out there. I did shows like Script School with T-David, HumpDay on Ynotradio, The Netpond Show, and then finally one night I called into the PLR radio show with D-Man & MattyD and VIOLA I became a regular weekly caller and then co-hosted with D-Man when MattyD left.

By this time I REALLY wanted to just do my own show but I was still a bit too stubborn to do so, When I wasn't doing the PLR show with D-Man I started doing little bits here and there with Gonzo & CJ on Oprano Radio.

Meanwhile had me doing Prank calls to various "well known" adult webmasters, one of them was Former AEBN Radio host Darren Austin, They had me prank Darren which pretty much backfired BUT was still funny as all hell, in turn, Darren had D-Man and I "Take Over" his show in what he called "The Darren Austin Season Finale" Where D-Man and I had to host Darren's Gay Webmaster radio show ( I was Lipstick Loki for that show lol)

Little did I know that that show was actually sort of an audition of sorts for me because the next day Darren called me and said that I needed to get ahold of Bishop at AEBN, I did and I was given my own show "ClusterFuck Theater" and also "The Week In Review" Both shows would be aired on Friday, The Week In Review at Noon, and then the big show would air at midnight.

The Week In Review was (supposed) to be a review of all the adult webmaster boards, each board would have a poster be on the show and give a run-down of the drama, biz, and or whatever else, for GFY it was none other then Juicy who would lead off the reviews for the first few shows.

Clusterfuck Theater was pretty much just that, a CLUSTERFUCK lol, the show went through a number of Co-Hosts ranging from D-Man, Gonzo, Kre8t0r, Raven, Liqqwid, comidian Dan Rackley and others,

Clusterfuck Theater ran it's course and I still wanted MORE, so I with the help of Gonzo started "After Midnight Live" to replace Clusterfuck Theater, and each week listeners could watch one of our 'porn' guests live on a free video chat.

Both Clusterfuck Radio After Dark & Aftermidnight Live were 4 hour long shows. (and sometimes even longer lol) and I was dubbed "The Marathon Man" because of it, but the funny thing was when I did real radio I did 6 hour shifts 

As time went by, I decided I wanted EVEN MORE so I started to develop my own radio network called what else lol Loki Radio sadly Loki Radio never took off or even finished the planning stages lol

All in all I stopped doing the radio shows in the end of 2007, I just got tired of doing it all for free lol, but like I said before I'd be more then happy to return to internet radio.... but not for free. (Want A Radio Show????)

Question #
What was your favorite on air moment?

That's REALLY a hard one to pick, I did the shows for almost 4 years, and I'd like to think EVERY show had at least 1 or 2 fav moments lol.

BUT, if I had to pick, It would be a toss up of these moments.....

(in Order)

"The Night Of Pranks" PLR Radio 2003
D-Man & MattyD had me pranking people like YnotBob, Darren Austin and others, at the same time Sobegirl was supposed to call into the show and confront Headless, Sobe ended up giving the number to a pizzahut and the bit was ruined.... OR was It???

They had ME pretend to be Sobegirl and we pranked Headless, the result was some of the funniest moments in Adult Webmaster Radio, Where Headless went on and on about me (as sobe) being owned, and I (as sobe) kept telling him that HE was getting owned, the punchline when Headless found out what was really going on resulted in almost a 4 min laughing fit from Headless..... and the infamous Headless soundboard made by Jupzchris

"The Darren Austin Takeover show" AEBN Radio 2004
Take me, a flaming voice, and gay program owners, throw in D-Man who can't stop laughing his ass off at my gay voice, add in special guest LC and what do you get? the oddest episode of Darren Austin's show ever aired lol

I almost became gay content too.... well not really

"Cluster Fuck Theater After Dark Debut Episode" AEBN Radio 2004
This was going on during the Mexico show and MOST of our guests were in Mexico for the show, Thanks to Gonzo who acted as our roving reporter we were able to broadcast some of the funnier moments of the "parties" in mexico via call-in reports.

Now although that was a pretty standard thing for the show, I am pleased to recall that some of the "drama" that hit the boards from that trip was also broadcast LIVE on that night lol

"After Midnight Live Loki & The Fleshlight" AEBN Radio 2005 ish
I was looking for prizes to give away during the shows, and I came across Fleshlight, they were willing to donate a few IF (and ONLY if) I would demo one on the live show  They delivered and in the end so did I lol

Question #
Your avatar on GFY makes us think of a 1970s pot dealer. When was the last time you got a haircut?

Lol, well thanks.... I think, umm lemme see, I had cut my hair,(was down past my ass) right before my first child was born (2000) and I'm trying to recall if I actually had it cut since then.... I'm thinking no, I've had trims here and there, but I've not taken any real length off since 2000, Funny story though.....

Just about 8 months ago I decided to just cut it all off, give up the wildman look and TRY to look a bit more 'respectable' HA! So I'm sitting in the chair, black smock thing on, and the lady is snip snip snipping at the shorter hairs, I look down at the smock and it is COVERED in Grey and white hair! I tell her STOP..... I ask her....

"Is this coming from MY head or are you fucking with me?" She gets all confused and I repeat myself, she giggles and informs me that in fact YES it is coming off my head..... I threw up my hands and said "STOP! Were NOT cutting it short!!!"

Gotta love it, not even 33 yet and I'm getting a full head of Grey and white hair lol

Question #
So you were married, left your wife, and now your engaged to the babysitter? How in the world did that happen.

LMAO Yes, Yes indeed, I got married 9 years ago... and it was a mistake from the get-go, we literally lived apart for

7 of the last 9 years too, I pretty much married her cause she got pregnant and NOW I know that's NOT reason enough to

marry ANYONE (Granted I got a SHITLOAD of rights out of the deal)

The marriage was really only on paper, as since we've been living apart all this time, we've also been living our own

lives too, I've dated off and on, some serious most not, the wife and I would be on again / off again but more then

not we were off.

About 3 years ago the wife and some of our mutual friends were talking about "The Babysitter" I never met her, and at

one point I didn't even think she existed lol, I would be over at aa friends house and this babysitter was supposed

to be there and NOTHING, so I dubbed her "The Imaginary Friend"

In the end I DID in fact meet her, and she was in fact real, (and HOT!) lol, she moved in here, we started to date, we

got engaged, and come Feb of 2010 we'll be welcoming a new baby to the home (my 2nd, her 1st)

But yeah that's the story there, it's not the traditional story I guess, but she was my daughter's sitter and now

she'll be her step mom lol

Question #
You were once a hardcore druggie but you've been clean since you turned twenty-one. How did you quit, and what was your worst moment doing drugs?

Ahh The infamous "Drug Questions" Long story short, from 12 y/s to 21 I was a straight up JUNKIE, I did pretty much

anything I could get my hands on, and unknown to me it was killing me, I lost everything for the pursuit of my

highs, and due to that I went through a shitload of lows...

My best trick was hiding (and I mean HIDING) my use from everyone, people I lived with never even knew I did anything

other then smoke pot here and there, it was actually pretty easy, cause during that entire timeframe I was never sober

at all, so if you knew me, that's just me, I acted like that 24 / 7 there was no drastic changes in my actions, moods,

etc I was for lack of a better term a fully functioning junkie.

I held jobs, made GREAT money... blew it all on more drugs lol... even ran my own companies for a few years

(landscaping and print work)

My breaking point / worst moment came around the time I was about 20 or so, I was living in the garage of a drug house

/ gang house and we were flat broke and out of drugs, I "drunk dialed" my father at 3am and left a very confusing /

funny message on his machine......

"ummmm hello dad... it's me.... your son..... jason..... (shut up... wait) um yeah... I need some money for um...

the... light bill (giggle) yeah the light bill, if you can help me out and bring over (hey how much we need for that

shit.....aha....ok...cool) Like $400.00 that would be cool (I dunno if he's buying it it's the fucking machine) Ok

(giggle) I'll see you in the morning bye.

The next morning I was woken up (I had passed out in the hallway of the house in my own puke) by the sound of knocking

and guns cocking and ppl whispering.... it's the fucking 5-0 man... lets shoot this mutha-fucka" They open the door...

10 guys with guns pointing at the door... it was like a fucking movie for real lol I look up and see it's my father

and I say... "Nooooo maaaaaaan, that aint no cop, that's my dad maaaaaaan he's an opt... optomi..... he's an eye guy"

My dad busts through the two ppl in front of the door and grabs me, and carries me out of the house, I woke up in a

motel room 2 days later, not able to remember much of anything at all, (I know the prior parts thanks to the saved

answering machine tape, and my dad's recount of the morning)

It turns out that on top of somewhat detoxing from being sober for the first 3 days in 6 years (no shit) I also had

double walking pneumonia and had my dad not gotten me to the ER I would have died within the next day or two

That was my wake-up call, my dad and I talked it over and we both agreed, IF I stayed in Detroit I would most likely

end up dead, so I packed up my shit and a pound of weed (lol) and I headed north to our family cottage, I've been here

ever since and I'm happy to say I've stayed sober too, I DO smoke the herb here and there for pain (no really lol) but

even that it's been since Dec since I last hit my bat lol

My quitting was an adventure all in itself, I got up here in the middle of summer, the cottage was about 30 miles from

the nearest town and surrounded by miles and miles of woods and lakes (small and big) I grabbed a tent, bug spray, and

misc supplies and went out to a friend of mine's property (500 acres of woods and a pond) I set up camp for 2 weeks

and pretty much went TRIBAL lol

I ran through the property like an animal, I chopped wood, stacked wood, anything to fight the detox my body was going

through, I CONVINCED myself that IF I even did 1 more line, 1 more pill, 1 more anything that it would kill me, hands

down. at the end of the two weeks, I felt better then I had in years, I went back to the family cottage and the rest

they say is history

The aftereffects of my drug use would not manifest till a few years later though, hindsight is as they say 20/20, but

that's all part of Question #25 so I'll get back to that then.

If I had it to do all over again would I change anything? I'll be honest I really don't know lol, as fucked up as

that sounds, I do believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and if I had done ONE THING diff back then WOULD I even be

sitting here typing this today?.

Question #
Back to the radio stuff again.... You consider yourself the "brokest celeb" on the adult industry and compared yourself to Howard Stern. How can you compare yourself to Howard Stern and be broke at the same time?

Ahh, this is the one I was waiting for... and like some of my other answers will also prolly be on the long side

(sorry folks lol)

The whole "brokest Celeb" is a mix of various things...

The "celeb" thing is not just the radio, take into account my entire history in the adult biz in no particular


Photographer, print work (box covers etc) __________________ (Wait for question #24 lol) Program Owner, Designer,

Radio Host, etc etc etc, I am/was in fact pretty well known (and forgotten) from a board standpoint you have people

like pimpdog, juicy, boyally, headless etc these are adult 'celebs' some later renamed to "bros" I however even after

a 4 page spread in AVN Online, radio shows etc always felt like the "dude who everyone knew but forgot" lol

I've never spent lots of times on boards, cause frankly I've mainly been a 1-man-army most of my time in adult and if

I'm posting all day that means I'm NOT working on my content and sites.

and at the same time I NEED to have a presence in this industry to gain more affiliates, clients or whatever

depending on the time frame / situation.

So... what you end up with is me posting every day for a week or two then vanishing for a month or two (lather rinse

repeat lol)

Now onto the "brokest" I'm honest to a fault, as well as fair, (I'm sure some of the people I've worked with might

think otherwise but it is the utmost truth.) with that said, I've NEVER charged what I should in ANY of my stuff, when

I did webdesign I was cheap... (outsource person cheap lol) when it came to my content also dirt cheap and lets not

even bring up my first 5 months of the affil program I made an error in the ccbill panel and had 100% payouts going to

affils LMAO

Now, I'm NOT saying that the people WITH money are not honest, just in my case, I slit my throat to make people happy,

to maintain a good biz relationship, to assure return clients.

I've made good money in adult, BUT I've also blown it all time and time again, for good or for ill lol (Family sucks


The funniest thing with my "brokest Celeb" mantel goes right along with question #17 But i'll touch on it here...

I was dubbed "The Godfather Of 3D Toons" by AVN back in 02 or 03, and then had a 4 page writeup in the Oct 2004 issue,

by THAT alone I felt that the money should just start rolling in, but honestly I know now that I was meerly just ahead

of my time, I've been doing this 3D Toon stuff for almost 10 years now, BUT the market didn't really take off till the

end of 2007 WHEN more and more companies started to get in the mix.

I'm one of the co-founders of the 3D niche, I launched the first 100% paysite, the first 100% program, I was the first

site to operate SOLEY on member requests and up till last year I really had nothing to show for it lol

I'm not bitter, by any means, if I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing... well no, I would have

cornered the video market instead of ignoring it for 5 years lol.

Now, The Howard Stern Thing... since the first day I got into the online porn industry I've thought of myself as "The

Howard Stern Of Porn" and that is a little hard to understand if your not very familiar with Howard's life.

After Howard Left Detroit, he pretty much vowed to not hold ANYTHING back, good or bad, let it alllll out there, be

himself, not put on a show, that's the same atitude I took (much to the dismay of alot of my past partners consultants

and or advisor's lol) but that's the only way I figured it would work.

I did not need to sit and brag about my stuff, my cash (when I did have it) places I go who I fuck etc etc, Sure I

used my share of "spin" but everyone in biz does in some way shape or form.

So that's what I did with my online biz, I never held back, I spoke my mind, I did not try to be a "board char" I was

just me, a wacky, odd, shut-in who lives in the woods of Northern Michigan, a jack of all trades and a master of VERY

FEW lol.

When I did my radio show it was the same way, (minus my WolfMan Jack Voice) I talked about my drug use, my horrid marriage, my models, my ups and my

downs, I held nothing back, and in that case I was like Howard Stern (Without his millions) lol

I might come back and add more to this later IF you need more explanation but for now this is enough I think lol

Question #
Have you ever been fucked over by a host?

Oh yeah! and I should start with a shout-out to Chaz and say.... "I never should have left you guys lol"

I hooked up with two hosts the first was not really a fuck-over unless you count that fact that they sold off their company and my "Barter deal" was not honored by them.

The second is by far ONE of the WORST experiences I've ever dealt with in my adult industry carrier!

There was a little known host years back (Lela Hosting) who had a good name for itself, they use to host another adult board, lets say it was a "wet" board, now if a BOARD says a host is ok, then it MUST BE! WRONG!!! (Hindsight is 20/20 lol)

Anyway, I worked out a killer deal with the owner of the company where I would do graphic work, promotions, and work with his other ventures in exchange for free hosting... and not only that but dedicated servers

So anyway, I'm hosting with them for prolly a few years, and things are running semi smoothly, nothing out of the ordinary happens, I do work, I get free servers, I need something done to the boxes and I can't get a hold of my techs it gets done by the hosting company for me, he needs more work above and beyond what we agreed upon he pays me....

well THAT was the plan

What he did instead was come up with excuse after excuse of how he was unable to send the money for whatever reason, a few times he'd send it trough paypal (VERY FEW Times) and when it would happen that way he'd send like only $20.00 with the promise that more would go through later.

THEN... he offered to pay some bills for me instead of just sending me the money, I thought cool save me some time doing it, so HE called up this place and that and paid MY BILL with HIS credit card.

I come to find out later he claimed the charges on his card were fraudulent and he got full refunds and I damn near got sent to jail for credit card fraud! The ONLY thing that saved me were the "amounts" it was low enough that the two companies he paid on multiple occasions KNEW it was not fraud (and they knew me) they wrote it off as a loss.

(it gets even better!)

I take off for a weekend to work security for a music festival, Tim (owner of the 'company') knows this, I'm not "supposed" to have internet access that weekend BUT I managed to get some, While I was away, he moved us from our dedicated servers BACK to a shared server, BUT he fucked up when he entered in our login info and accidentally gave us full root access, sooooo we were able to see exactly how many other sites were on our "dedicated servers"

When confronted with both screenshots and proof of who did the move (lol server admin logs) and when it happened Tim played the "tech fuck-up" card and assured us we would be moved back, we were (but not really)

(Still gets better)

All the sudden Lela starts going down more and more, (even our "dedi boxes") and their starting to get blasted on the boards, Tim assures me everything is fine and in fact they JUST bought out another hosting company and are setting up

100 new servers and "Everyone including you is getting free upgrades due to the downtime"

The "sheep" are calmed, and everything goes back to normal, then Tim does a huge 'sale' on the boards offers an insane deal for new clients, collects over 200 new clients (found out through grapevine) and gets 3-6 months of hosting money

per client, a few days later EVERYTHING GOES DOWN......

Long story short

It turns out that Tim / LelaHosting was NOT this nice big hosting company, but in fact nothing but a reseller, they stopped paying their bills to their upline and took all the clients money (and data in some cases) and then vanished off the web, the upline yanked the boxes down BUT was "so kind" to offer the Lela clients....

"A 12 hour window to retrieve their data, we can not tell you when this 12 hours will start so please keep trying to access your cpanels or FTP servers"

In the end, I lost EVERYTHING but my actual content, I lost all my custom backend scripts, everything, and I did not have "backups" cause well I was PAYING them to back my shit up and they never did, and the backups that were on my

office computers got fried by lighting WHILE I WAS BURNING THEM TO DISCS

so yeah, a bunch of us tried like hell to hunt down his real info, since it turned out not only did he use fake info for EVERYTHING, he also had did this a few years back under a diff company name, so far he's safe in hiding.... so far

Question #
Why do you post on GFY?

You know I ask myself that SAME question all the time lmao

Seriously, I post for a number of reasons, I've gotten a lot of clients from GFY, a few very good friends from GFY a job here and there, and a shitload of laughs lol,

although I don't call just one board my home, I do think of GFY as that crazy relitives house that sometimes you DO NOT want to go visit, but you know you just have to lol

I just wish we had more biz and less bull

Question #
Who do you consider your best friend in the adult industry? on GFY?

Wow... put a Devil on the spot lol,

I've had many people come and go over the years, and some that we've just lost touch, but through it all theres only a small few that I talk to on a daily basis,

so, hands down I guess I'd have to say that my best friend in the biz would be FlyingWulf AKA Joe, we were introduced by "Karla" (then she promptly vanished lol) and him and I INSTANTLY CLICKED, we became like brothers, only problem was He lived in Wisconnsin and I lived in Michigan and neither of us traveled much.

So thanks to instant messager and free nights and weekends we talked, and talked, and talked, and talked and talked for a few years, He became my right hand man for V1rtualdesires, and he put in most of his time for a lot less then he was worth more times then not.

Now he lives about 8 blocks from me and is married to a friend of mine he's not online much these days but he is still part of the industry.

As for GFY, that's an even tougher one, a lot of my click do not post on boards, mainly cause we just don't have the time to, I for one HAVE to make the time IF I want to make any money lol, so as for a GFY "best friend" I'm gonna have to be half assed and say that........

I love you all ;)

Question #
It seems you've been up and down so many times in this industry, and right now our industry is down. How do you describe the current state of the industry, and do you think we'll still be here five years from now?

(Steps Up Onto Cyber Soapbox)

AHEM... is this thing on????

I feel pretty much the same as I always have about the state of our online industry, I personally feel that since the beginning too many people have NOT treated this as a REAL BUSINESS, and that is the MAIN reason we are where we are at today....

In the VERY beginning, we drew WAY TOO MUCH unnecessary heat to us thanks to the boards and people posting ... no BRAGGING about the HUGE amounts of money they were making IN DAYS, pictures of cars, houses, wine, jewelry, stacks of cash etc etc etc it made the feds, and the IRS, and all the powers that be stand up and take a BIG notice at us....

one by one crackdowns started to happen,

We kept going,

rob the surfers blind, triple bill them hide the cancel button, circle jerk them until they paid you, then pray to god they were to scared or embarrassed to cancel or fight their bills....

Visa, American Express, Paypal etc etc stepped up and spanked us back

We kept going,

some of our sponsors used "shady" tactics to gain new members without the help of affils, affils had no idea about this and instead cried "The Password Sites Are Killing Our Ratios"

We FLOODED the internet with "Free Samples" and then BITCHED that the TGP's runied our ratios and yet we KEPT feeding the TGP's more and more 'free samples'

We promise the surfer the world and once they pay we give them the same shit as 100 other sites but packaged a tad bit diff

We robbed, we cheated, we lied, and we HID and then bitched when the big bad 2257 monster came to town "FORCING" Us to reveal our "biz locations"

We kept going

we installed viruses and malware on our sites to make the extra buck, we became MORE and MORE shady never gave a fuck,

we filled up inboxes with massive amounts of spam, while all the while trying to fuck uncle Sam

We kept going

We then decided it wasn't enough to fuck JUST the surfers so we turned our sites onto each other and fucked some more,

we used scare tactics and fear to make a quick buck, If your not a FSC member then you'll surely be fucked

when the big bad DOJ comes knocking on your door, If your not on the sealed list you better hit the floor

The sponsors are shaving, affils misbehaving, and all the while were simply digging our own graves

We'll scam the work, we'll fuck over a transfer, we've become the same scammers we've bitched about for over 10 years now!

why oh why does everyone think were so bad?

what do we ever do?

(I just realized some of that rhymed lol)

Today it's the same if not worse, the only thing that has really changed is the METHODS, TGPS begot Tubesites, Password sites begot Rapidshare sites and tipple blind billing begot cross-sales

If we continue down this road we will devour ourselves, in the end someone will just cut us off from the rest of the interent and we will only be left with each other.

Now, sadly my solution will NEVER come, at least not in my lifetime, the web is the perfect place for scammers and thieves to hide and breed, and as a collective I do not EVER see the online porn industry coming together to fix

itself, There are WAY too many ego's involved!

Take a look at the "mainstream" porn industry, you don't see THEM berated AS MUCH as we do, you don't see the feds lining up and cracking down on them AS MUCH as they do to us, you don't see Visa refusing to process them cause they use the word TEEN in a title... BUT us... remember back in what, 2003 Visa wanted US to change "Teen" to "Co-Ed"

I can literally go on and on about this (and if you remember my radio shows you KNOW I'm not exaggerating that lol)

BUT, I will try and wrap this all up nice and neatly....

WILL we still be here in five years from now, well that all depends on how you define "We" I do believe that unless "they" figure out a way to close Pandora's box and keep porn away from the hungry masses,

SOME of us will still be here, and I hate to sound like a broken record, but you remember that adage that is thrown around here in damn near every biz related thread? "Adapt or die!" it's not just a canned response, it holds a shit-ton of merit!

Porn will ALWAYS be around, has been since the dawn of time, humans are animalistic by nature (some more then others) and our desires will always push us, Long Live Porn lol

Question #
Have you ever been arrested? Been to jail? Prison? Tossed the salad?.

ahhh FINALLY a short answer....

NO, NO, NO, Yes...

Question #
Do you have any pets?

Well, 2 years ago I got a dog, it was an awesome dog (for a bit lol) I was living in a TINY fucking studio apt. and it was just fine, me and the dog. The dog started acting strange, I told my friends, "I think the dog is pregnant" EVERYONE thought I was full of shit,

till one night I came home, took the dog out, brought it back in, and she pissed all over my couch, I grabbed the dog and drug her off the couch and I noticed something was hanging from behind her.... A PUPPY lmao

that night she had 6 puppies, and my tiny ass studio apt became a friggan dog pound

Once the puppies were old enough, I gave them all away to various people, and the momma dog had to go too, she was NEVER the same after having the pups, (she got tagged her first heat) so I had to take her to a no-kill shelter.

As much as I loved dogs, I was never as happy as when my apt finally became dog free, and I vowed that night NO MORE DOGS FOR ME!

Fast forward to a year ago, when the babysitter moved in she brought with her Wikket one of the puppies my dog had,

so... yeah we have a dog lol

The babysitter is like Dr.Dolittle, we have god knows how many koi fish and guppies, a hermit crab tank and for awhile

we had sea-monkeys (remember those lol)

Question #
Seems you've had a rough go in the industry. You went from being the "King of Toons" (per AVN) to being broke and selling off your content to larger companies, who then turned around and used your own content to beat you at your own game. In hindsight, what would you have done differently?

First I want to correct a few things ;) I was dubbed "The Godfather Of 3D Toons" and I did not sell of my content due to being broke per say, I sold off the "company" after the hosting debacle...

After the dust settled from the Lela Hosting fiasco I was faced with a hard choice

I either had to REBUILD from scratch EVERYTHING, and HOPE I could retain most of my affiliates, and be able to compete with bigger programs with army's of affils, and shitload more money then me for overhead.


Find a like minded company, give them the keys to my kingdom and retire from porn (which I had been in for almost 15 years by then) and go get a day job

the choice was a hard one, with no sites, no program my money went bye-bye, I really damn near did loose everything,

I recall sitting on the floor of my apartment while the repo people were taking my TV, my furniture, my lights were going off, my heat was off, everything was crumbling around me.

I had went to a buddies house to check my emails (I had gotten some cheap ass shared hosting from Hostgator lol) and I had this email from a dude in germany

"I hear you make 3D Toons, would you happen to have anything to sell?" was the email

I shit you not, in ALL those years I never even thought about selling content to other companies.... correction, I DID try that years back, but it NEVER went live, and I did make some content for a company here and there, but never on the scale that I ended up doing.

I had always thought, who the fuck is gonna buy content from me when they can just learn to make it themselves LMAO (Hindsight, hindsight, hindsight)

So I went through my backups, and I gathered up all the content I had made to date, it was about 400+ sets and I emailed the guy back with samples and whatnot, and I gave him the price, he bought it, and I said hmmm, I wonder....

I made promos for the 406 set package and I came here, and a few other boards.

Within 4 days I not only made enough money to get all my shit back, and get everything turned back on, but I was also able to move out of the closet I was 'living in' get joint custody of my daughter (cause I finally had room for her in the new house) but I also found someone to "take over" my company and old paysites, (BirdBucks.com) AND secured myself a full time gig for the next year.

By the time my gig was up with Birdbucks I was certain that what I needed to focus on from then on out was making and selling content for the other companies,

THAT'S where my strong point was, I could design a great paysite, I could make great content BUT I could not compete with the big companies who fly ads on all the boards, have thousands of affils and millions of hits of traffic

I honestly think that turning over my company and going the content provider route was the best choice I ever made in this biz, BUT I also know that If I didn't do all the things I did prior it might not have worked out this way.

I spent YEARS screaming at the top of my lungs that 3D Toons were not only a viable market, but a profitable market as well, if any of you remember 2000 - 2005 you may recall that during that time frame you only saw / found 3D porn by clicking on Cartoons / Anime it was a sub-niche and it never had to be,

I spent many many hours begging tgp owners and link list people to make a separate category for 3D Toons, same with the review sites.

I held "online classes" about keywords, and ad text for the niche, I did radio show after radio show about the subject of 3D Toons, I even was very active on an old board that was JUST for Cartoon webmasters (Even THEY didn't get the 3D Toon market!) I toiled and toiled and eventually people listened, cause what started out as VERY FEW paysites and 1 or 2 companies is now today literally much much more!

did they "beat me at my own game" ? I don't think of it that way, do some of them get the credit that I should have gotten? yes definitely lol, but again I'm not biter, I think everything is running where it should right now, in the end I was really just 6 years ahead of my time lol.

As for being broke... Fuck I'm STILL broke lol,

Past Family issues blew through all of my savings, and every time I get a nest egg built back up something else happens, and ALL I do these days is make and sell content, that's my sole income, I don't do side-jobs anymore Like I used to, when it works it works but when it don't it don't

What I really need is for some company to snatch me up and put me on their payroll lol I work sooooo much better when I DON'T have to do EVERYTHING myself lol

Question #
You mentioned that you hate industry politics? What do you consider "industry politics" and why do you hate them so much?

Well that is kind of a tricky one, I'm sure everyone has their OWN ideas and definitions on what "politics" mean, But i will my best to explain as only I can lol.

When I first got into the ONLINE Adult industry I looked around and what I saw reminded me a lot like junior high, and sometimes, high school.

In the beginning when there was pretty much only "Condom Project" and Ynot's board I did not post on boards, I really did not see the point, I remember WAY more 'dick waving' and 'hero worship' then any real constructive threads about HOW to build your business, Now, I'm SURE they WERE out there, But I did not have the time to wade through the much to find them lol

Little by little more and more boards popped up and by 2005 2006 it seemed like EVERYONE had a board lol.

What I figured out very quickly was (and I'm sorry if YOU read this statement and say DUH!!!! BUT, in the beginning sponsors DID try to hide this A BIT) the boards really only cared about you IF and ONLY IF you

(A) Promoted Their Program
(B) Promoted Their Paying Advertisers
(C) Were some "Big Shot"
etc etc,

that was mighty politicy, now I didn't expect to show up to a land of hugs and kisses, BUT I DID expect to find SOME SORT of instruction, training or at the very least some general sense of comradery, and I did not find that.

Do you know WHY your not allowed to post links to other boards, or in some cases EVEN MENTION another board?

(Again no saying DUH! lol)

Because EVERYONE is too afraid of loosing ANY of their posters to another board (Like ANYONE really ONLY uses ONE BOARD LMAO) Again that too is politicy

Judging one NOT on their merrit or text BUT by their post count is not only stupid as fuck but also politicy

Flaming and bashing on 'noobs' is politicy AND down right retarded, who's to say that ANY of those noobs won't create "the next big thing" (granted it's highly doubtful now a days lol)

When a sponsor is caught down-right ass-fucking their affils and the threads are deleated and or posters banned THAT is politicy, by business standards THOSE are the threads that should be stickied (IF and only IF they can prove it) so that others don't get fucked as well.

another example is the fact that I do NOT go to shows, and I prolly never will, with what I do I just don't see the plus side of criss-crossing the country spending an arm and a leg each of my packages take me just about a month to make, and I only offer a limited number of licenses for them, does that make me any less a part of this industry? NO,

However there are those in this business who feel IF you don't go to shows then your not really a part of all this lol

I also consider the WAY we conduct our business is also politicy, but in a more broader sense, were in the business of selling sex, in every way shape or form we can, and by general consensuses by a common majority of people Sex is BAD, dirty, evil, a sin, immoral etc etc etc (unless it's for procreation with the lights off lol) now with that type of stigma comes a back alley mentality, and we took to that like a fish to water, and that also is a form of politics, If we are looked at as dirty scummy evil bastards, then why not just act that way.

Why not just lie cheat and steal to get what we want, and then when shit goes bad, blame someone else... politcs!

I ask you all who LIKES the politics of our business? honestly, there is nothing to like about it EVEN if your among the elite upper echelon of this business who are "filthy stinking rich" lol

I feel we could be much more productive (And even more profitable) if we loosened up a bit on our politics and the ways we conduct our business,

I think a lot of things need to be revamped AND adopted on an industry standard, This is another subject I could go on and on about, but I will stop here before I bore you to tears lol.

Question #
How many projects have you started and never finished? How many of your projects have failed vs how many of your projects made you money?

LMAO You see what I did back there?

Seriously I can not honestly count how many projects actually have fully seen the light of day, it's NOT that I get side-tracked, it's not that I do not have the ambition, in fact it's quite the opposite (ask anyone who really knows me lol) MY biggest problem is being the army-of-one kind of guy, as well as having to pretty much live check to check to get by, so I get this killer idea I start it, almost get it ready to launch OR I DO get it launched and then.....

um.... I gotta pay all the bills.... I gotta get the kid new school clothes...... family crisis there goes all the savings.

And I'm sure I'm not alone here, I'm almost willing to bet there are MORE people here alone, that fit the above paragraph, but unlike a lot of you (no offense lol) I don't care if I admit this or not lol.

When it comes to MY OWN projects I flack... or is it flake lol, IF the project is an actual J.O.B. that's always been a diff story.

I'll give you a few examples of what's sitting on my back-burner (and IF you steal them, throw me a bone for the idea lol)

"All Adult Portals"

Years ago I hooked up with a few people and pitched them my idea about making "free sites" diff, and to also revamp the entire tired ass methods of promoting sponsors, the idea was to combine tgp, free site and link lists into one site... one site per niche.... all linking back to the main portal... the portal would take user submissions to feed the fire, and everyone could have links to their sponsors

Was a GREAT IDEA, but I never was able to get anyone on board (it all relied on USER SUB CONTENT lol)

"Loki-Radio" Pretty self explanatory,

"The Stroke Show" This one was a blow to me! I had come up with a weekly TV Show that would be CGI / Live Action Think Conan O'Brian meets Space Ghost cost to cost.

The show was hosting by a CGI talking cat named "Stroke The Pussy" and each show he would interview a porn star (Via a video screen like on Space Ghost)

Each episode would also have "commercial spots" for pornsites or whatever

HBO had expressed interest in seeing a completed episode.

The problems, were First I could not find ANYONE to get on board on the project... (One thing that has ALWAYS bugged the fuck out of me, non of you guys seem to want to be "the first" to do something lol)

Secondly Actually animating and rendering the show was next to impossible for me to do alone, it took me 3 months JUST to render out the "Sample Video" and when I finally posted it on the boards, no one seemed to care, so reluctantly I shelved the Idea

"WickedPuppets" This was the second reincarnation of "The Stroke Show" I revamp the show so instead of it being CGI/Real it would be Puppets / Real people, HBO STILL showed an interest in the project, but I ran into even more of the same issues as with "The Stroke Show" I shelved that project as well

"Resource Boards" THIS one just plain PISSED ME OFF lol, I started a site that would encompass ALL the webmaster boards, (Think hahahahahahahahahahahaha on steroids!) ALL I NEEDED was an RSS link from EVERY BOARD to make the custom scripts I had made work right, BUT could I get the board owners to get me the RSS links LMAO NO! Sadly I Turned Resource Boards over to someone else and walked away.

"Loki Ca$h" I had decided to 'quit' the 3D Toon niche and head back to where I first began in the mid 90's shooting real people, I scouted out a handful of models, did marathon shoots, spent close to 20k on locations, clothing, props etc etc and got 3 sites ready to roll out, (I almost even became content again lol) RIGHT before the public launch 2 of the models flaked on me and quit, 1 demanded their content be pulled down "or else" 1 vanished, and the last one I was dating and she just got lazy and would not shoot anymore.....

Because I was TRYING to make each site VERY interactive the ONLY way it would have worked out is if I myself handled all the interactions with the members, OR I hired out people (and spent more money I did not have) to do it for me,

you can guess what I ended up doing lol, CLOSED IT!

There were more things I'm sure but those were my biggest "hopes and fails" at some point down the road I may resurrect some of those IF I find the capital to make it happen.

Now as for Wins Vs Looses, that's a tough call, cause pretty much everything I've actually gotten to release has had SOME sort of success, and the stuff that did not go live, or saw completion of course did not make any money lol.

Question #
Why did you tell me to ask about "puppets"?

lol, well as I touched on in the last answer, I had started a project that I called "Wicked Puppets" where I was pretty much going to ditch the 3D Market and do "adult" style puppet shows (not porn mind you but stuff FOR adults only)

EVERYONE that knew about this project was CONVINCED that I had lost my fucking mind, some thought it was because I had been living out in the woods too long, others just thought I went completely mental, as I joking said.... it's just ike porn It's the one line of work were Fisting is not only encouraged IT'S MANDATORY LMAO!

At any rate, I set out for about a year or so developing an entire show, wrote 12 30 min episodes, hooked up with a company to create the cast puppets for me, (FAIL) hired another company to do the same (FAIL) found yet another company to do the same (WIN.....sort of)

The final company that took care of my puppets pretty much ONLY made "monsters" and or GIANT theater puppets (were talking 5-8 feet tall puppets lol) so although those puppets completely ROCKED, they would NOT work for what I had in mind.

Meanwhile while I'm waiting on the various companies to make and ship the actual cast puppets for the show, I bought about 10 puppets to make filler content (as I already had 6 diff sites for these shows that was getting about 3-6k worth of uniques a day.

I created "The George Show" which was a daily video blog of Ex-Prez George Dubbaya, I portrayed him as a retarded 12 year old, obsessed with Stek-ums and Brittney Spears LMAO, I sent the treatments to Comedy Central, along with some sample episodes, they promptly wrote back and said "Thanks but no thanks, bush bashing is old news, were not interested"

NOT 4 MONTHS LATER.... I see a commercial spot on Comedy Central for "Lil Bush" which was a DIRECT COPY of what I sent them, but once I confronted them on it, they said... tough shit PROVE IT! (I never protected that content cause it was only made as a quick filler for the viewers of the sites)

After the Lil Bush debacle I was kind of getting burnt out on the whole puppet idea, it had now been OVER a year and I still did not have ANY of the cast puppets I needed for the main shows, so I went back to what I knew lol 3D Toons.

Most of the puppet sites I've let go of, but I still have the main ones, and I still have videos floating around the web of my "shorts" below are some photos of me and the puppets I did end up getting, and a few videos and or links


Question #
Have you ever put yourself into a toon? Care to share them with us?

Lol, well I NEVER actually planed on it, BUT I was litteraly teased for damn near a year that... "I bet you've made yourself a toon so you could fuck those models of yours" so as a goof ONLY I DID infact convert myself into a toon,

granted I fixed my nose and removed my "gut" lol, but here you go, a few older shots of the CGI version of me:

Question #
Do you really live in the woods in the middle of no place?

Well lemme put it this way... up till about 3 years ago (or less) I DID, now I live "In Town" but it's a small town, and my house is surrounded by woods and trees lol,

Before I moved to town I did in fact live out in the middle of the woods on a lake, the lake was 2 miles X 2 miles and was "private" and the BULK of the houses on the lake were "vacation homes" so mon - thurs the place was pretty much empty.

On the weekends (depending on the time of year) there would be light to moderate traffic around the lake, but all in all there were only about 10 houses with year round residents.

I could NOT stand the winters out there though, SINCE it was mainly "vacation homes" AND it was a "private lake" the roads did NOT get taken care of in the winter....

Try to imagine 3-5 feet of snow all around you, and roads with 9 inches of sheer ice, needless to say, during the winter months If I did not come and crash with friends in town I was STUCK in the woods for weeks at a time lol (Maybe that explains it all lol)

Question #
Do you live near anyone else in the industry?

Well for starters as I mentioned some questions back.... Flyingwulf (Coder and author of The CCBUDDY) Lives just about 7-8 blocks away from me, he moved here from Wisconsin a few years back

Liqqwid (webmaster) was born and raised in this town (pretty sure) and I got him into this biz (sorry folks lol) Last I knew he's here in town again

The Heron (Owner of BirdBucks) lives about 30-45 mins away from me

I'm sure there are alot more hiding around here, but I don't drive and I don't travel very much (got a bad eye and the state won't let me get a license lol)

Question #24
Did you ever star in porn as talent? If not, would you?

LMAO, YES Before I got into the online porn industry I worked in the Offline industry, I started out doing VHS box designs, photography and then videography (thats a word right??)

I was on set one day and the male talent did not show up (was not very uncommon really lol) the crew was pissed, they were ready to call it a day, when one of the girls on set pointed over to me and said.....

"Hey, Jay has a decent cock, and he fucks great too" (awwww thanks lol) The director looked at me and said "Well... Lets see it" I dropped trow got myself hard and viola I was taken off the camera and put on the other side

I did about 5 scenes for them (All POV FOLKS lol) and I have no fucking clue which videos they ended up on, or what company they were being shot for lol, but I'm sure they are out there somewhere.

when I was shooting it was at a local pornshop in Detroit, they used to shoot various series for some companies, I know they did shit for places like Vivid, Anabolic and such in the past but my mind is pretty fucking cloudy on most of that timeframe (it was the drugs lol)

Fast forward to about 2007 I think, and I almost became content again, my ex-gf / content girl "Starlight" was gearing up for the release of her solo site, and I decided to break her into to camming by holding a webmaster cam night (I

think it might have even been during one of my radio shows?) at any rate I unleashed the webmasters on her, and later on I got in on the action, (FORGETTING IT WAS A LIVE CAM FEED LOL) Screenshots were taken, I think a video or two was also capped (I have the master video myself lol) and the end of the night was a fansign shoot, where Ayla requested a fansign from ME....

So I got into the shower with a towel wrapped around me and help up the sign "Ayla Makes Me Wet" those photos are floating around here somewhere too lol.

IF any of you HAVE any of the shots from that night find them, and post them here lol (I can't find them )

As for would I do it again, I guess that really all depends on the babysitter lol, "Never Say Never" has been my motto lol

Question #25
What's the dealo with your current medical issues?

Well my past drug use really fucked up my body, I lost damn near all of my teeth (rotted form the inside out) and what I have left in my mouth is an ugly fucking mess (and I'm highly self-conscious about it)

Due to the issues in my mouth I end up with infections every few months (abscess mainly) and I end up in the Hospital and then on meds for the next 10 days.

I also have high blood pressure, irregular heart rate (I get palpitations once in a GREAT WHILE) and because of my mouth again, most of my immune system is used to fight off infections in my mouth so, I'm susceptible to any type of cold or flu 

(All the great shit they DON'T tell you about drug use lol)

On top of all that, I also have a wicked astigmatism in my left eye, it ONLY effects me when I'm in motion, it causes things to dart in and out of my line of sight, and due to that the state will NOT allow me to have a license (go figure lol) THAT is one of the reasons I am not much of a traveler, but I do have my own driver so it's all good lol.

Ummm lets see what else, I have back issues from a roofing job (I fell off a 12 X 12 roof when I was 14) and I got hit by a van on my bike when I was 16, I spend a lot of time sitting or laying down due to the back issues.

and I have the webmaster virus "carpal tunnel" lol

Question #26
Seriously, what's it like fucking the babysitter? Have you ever considered making a porn site out of your adventures with the babysitter?

Well, for starters she's 23 (I'm 33 in a few more months) she's 5'4 and weighs about 110 or so, she's smoking hot and I'm a lucky fuck to have her for sure.

She's just about as much as a nympho as I am, and now she's also pregnant (so in the coming months she'll be even more lol)

she's pretty quiet in bed, but I'm trying like hell to break her of that, and I found out recently that she likes to dress up a bit (for bed) I've picked her up a few lil outfits and what not... kind of a waste of money really she can't keep them on for more then a few mins lol.

Would I make a site about it... that's really up to her, I've been there done that, so it's really not a big deal for me, we DO live in a small town, and I've managed to pretty much "hide" what I do as needed, but I dunno if I would feel ok about putting myself out there like that again, I dunno, never say never I guess lol

Question #27
If you weren't working in porn, what would you be doing?

You know I have no fucking Idea lol, I've been doing this so long in some way shape or form, it's kind of all I know anymore, along the way I've had other "dreams" so maybe....

I'd be a stand up comic, go back to Radio, Puppetry was a blast, Open up a cybercafe or coffeeshop. (again lol)

But Porn is where my heart is (as sick as that might sound lol)

Question #28
What is the biggest mistake you've made in the industry and in your personal life?

Wow, kind of a harsh question, and maybe even a case of "save the best for last" BUT I'm afraid my answer just may disappoint....

I don't really think I've actually MADE Mistakes, cause as I said before EVERYTHING happens for a reason, good or bad.

each and every choice we all make shape our future and guide us down our paths, and ultimately lead us right to where we are at this very moment.With that being said lol

I think IF I had it to do all over again, I would have DEFF listened to my GUT, each and every time, I would have kept

MUCH BETTER backups (like I do now lol) and I would NOT have put all of my eggs into one proverbial basket, I would have fought harder on a project when people told me it would not work (cause now EVERY project that I shelved in regards to the 3D market is now out there under other companies)

As for my personal Life, it would have to be the drugs, BUT I also know it would have DEFF had a VERY DIFF inpact on my life, and honestly all jokes aside, IF I never got into drugs, I can say pretty much with the utmost certainty, my life would have been like this....

Finished High school, gone on to someplace like MIT, graduate and would have entered the tech field, opened my own IT company and by the dot com boom I would have been a multi-millionaire HANDS DOWN!

I was given my first computer at the age of 6 (that was in 1982 lol) by the age of 8 I was LITERALLY writing my own programs, by 11 I was "hacking" the school computers and then at 12 BOOM my life changed, and I went a totally diff route.

But, all in all despite all of my issues (and my issues issues lol) Life has deff been an interesting ride to say the least, I've almost died (more times then I care to recall) I've made it, lost it, made it again, lost it again (lather rinse repeat lol) I've met some of the most "interesting" people out there, and I've done more in these 32 years then most people twice my age.

I was raised on the streets and no matter what has happened to me, I've refused to give up, I'm pretty sure that on my death bed I'll be trying to kick the reapers ass lol.

this industry, both online and off, has been both a blessing and a curse for me, with all it's faults, I still can't think of any other thing I'd rather be doing with my life lol.

I want to again thank Sleazy and Rochard for this oppertunity to give you all my background and answer these questions, I've read most of the past 123 interviews and I always wondered "why not me" or "Wonder how my interview would go" lol, I've often thought of myself as both "The howard Sten of porn" AND "The susan Lucci of porn" I've literally been here since the beginning but so few people know I am here lol.

I'll end with a shameless plug (LMAO) and say, the 3D Toon market has grown by leaps and bounds, and theres DEFF room for even more, this niche will only keep getting bigger as the years go by, and this, this is the perfect time to take advantage of this market if you never have before....

There are a lot of plus sides to this niche over your traditional niches, there's no paperwork (minus your content licenses) there's no 2257, MOST of the content is covered by the 1st amendment and is actually considered to be "ART" not "porn"

There's no real costly overhead, like location fees, models, clothing. the content won't freak out and find Jesus,

there's no crazy boyfriends, husbands, or family lol

And it really does convert!

So, if your looking to get into this niche, OR you are already in this niche and you need content, JUST HIT ME UP!

I'm currently revamping my site http://lokiporn.com and the new version should be live shortly, in the meantime you can see what content packages I have now, or contact me to place a custom order.

Thanks again for reading, and commenting.




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