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GFY Ambush Interview thread K R I S T E N

Question #1
Nearly all of the people you told us to contact to ask questions about you work for Xbiz. Do you not have friends in the industry, or are you afraid what others might say about you?

Well, to be honest, my most COLORFUL moments have been with the people I told you to contact...therefore, had I asked you touchbase with my MANY other friends, you would have got a very BLAND and BORING perception of me ... unlike some people in the business, I try to "keep it classy" when Im "working" its when Im "off the clock" that the REALLY exciting moments happen...and yes, God forbid my other pals spilled the beans about me

Question #
Describe the ritual you follow on the first night of every trade show.

Its actually the night BEFORE the first day of the trade show -- knowing that I must hit the ground running on the first day of an event, I like to take some time for myself. When I get in, I dont immediately run for the bar and look for people I know, instead, I retreat to my room, usually take a bubble bath (another quirky thing about me is that I bring a small thing of Lysol or Clorox Wipes to shows to make sure I can get the tub SUPER clean), order room service and watch a movie...then I wake up in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, Im pretty simple.

Question #
How is crop dusting an essential tool for ridding the fields of vermin?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
What exactly do you do over there at Xbiz anyhow?

Well lets see here...when I first came on board here in early 2005, I started as a sales person...over several years I developed relationships with so many people and wanted to be able to help them in a greater way than just selling them on ads and sponsorships...last year Alec appointed me Associate Publisher and while I still "sell" people, I "sell" them on XBIZ and EVERYTHING we can do for them as the LEADING B2B RESOURCE FOR THE ADULT INDUSTRY. So now, I do a little bit of this...a little bit of that...but MOST important...I am the eyes and the ears of the company and I bring people/companies together so that they too can maximize their business potential

Question #
Cheerleaders are always hot, and I can see you being a cheerleader. Have you ever tried out to be a real cheerleader - perhaps a LA Lakergirl?

Someone told you about the Laker Girl experience?!?! I've been a dancer ever since I could walk - I was a very accomplished ballerina until I decided that I did not wish to pursue a career in the arts and instead, at the lovely age of 14, wanted to be a Cheerleader. So, I went through high school as the captain of the cheerleading/dance squad...when I got to college I wasn't quite into the whole idea of cheering anymore but continued to dance (mostly hip hop, ballet, and modern) just for fun and exercise. Then one day, a woman who had been watching a class I was in came up to me and asked me to audition for the Laker Girls...I did... I made it all the way to the very end...an invitation to the last interview and last audition but the boy I was VERY serious with at the time begged me not to do it (he gave me a million reasons) and well, being young and "in love" (and really not all that interested in the first place to give my life up to spin on the court at the Staples Center for a season) I never went to the final event. Then the following year, before try outs they called me asking me to come out again for it. This time, I didnt have a boyfriend but still wasn't gungho about doing it, but I went and again made it all the way to the very very very end...even went to the final audition, interview, etc, but didnt "make the cut" that year bc they could tell "[my] heart wasnt in it..." It wouldve been a wild ride though -- that season was one of the BEST in Lakers history!

Question #
You seem so normal and straight laced compared to the rest of us. How did you come to work for Xbix?

Finding someone to be "straight laced" and "normal" is entirely in the eye of the beholder. but yes, I do live a fairly conservative lifestyle...I am one of deep faith and solid morals but that is EXACTLY why I am HERE and how I found myself working at XBIZ.

Ever since I worked on a religion project in 10th grade with a group of boys who thought it would be funny and offensive to, instead of putting in a recorded episode of 7th Heaven in the VCR as planned, put in a copy of some tacky porno, I knew that bc they didnt get the reaction out of me that they expected, I would be great in this business.

In short, Ive always embraced sex, my sexuality, etc and have never been a believer that pornography is responsible for deviant behavior, etc...Ive always felt that porn (with very few exceptions) is HEALTHY...I wanted to be part of all of this and wanted to be able to influence others regarding this matter...I like to think of myself as an ideal ambassador for the adult entertainment business and those who are not in this business who find out what I do would attest...I fit this role well.

Anyhow, I graduated from college, wrapped up the other careers I had worked on for several years and looked for a job in adult entertainment. I searched and searched...looked at Playboy, Hustler, LFP, etc and all they had openings for were positions I wasnt interested in. Ever the "over achiever," I wanted to pursue something CHALLENGING I wanted to do something that would help me make my mark as well as give me a vast understanding of how this business works...

It was on Craigslist that I found the XBIZ job post...I had none of the qualifications Helmy was looking for except "spunk" but that was enough...I sent a charming cover letter with my short, but stellar, resume and after 3 interviews...the rest is history...its been about 5 years now!

Question #
 Have you ever dated a celebrity, and if not, would you? Who would you date? Do you have any celebrity friends?

Yes, I have dated (by date, I literally mean have had relationships with) a few celebrities whom I will not list here as they are very popular right now and I would hate for them to be "googled" and this thread appear. I actually really hurt the feelings of one of them...in a recent interview he spoke very poorly of "a girl" <-- that girl was ME

Would I date someone who is in the spotlight now? Yes, I would. Ive never been "impressed" and Im not "impressionable" therefore, it seems to "work" when I do cross paths with those who get the world handed to them on a silver platter. None of that crap means anything to me. Would I date someone bc their are a celebrity - HELL NO.

I do have a few "friends" who are athletes, actors, actresses and/or entrepreneurs I grew up with most of them and a couple I met more recently. It's been fun and I have been blessed to have been able to experience some amazing things thanks to these people. But at the end of the day, they are just like you and me...no big deal.

Question #
When did you become a proponent of crop dusting? Has PETA gotten on your ass yet?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
One of the persons I talked to told me to ask you what it's like "being Batman". WTF does this mean?

Terry from Triple 10 Vault could probably best explain this but simply, it stems from the fact that I keep my work life and personal life completely and totally separate...if you know anything about the movie Batman, you can put two and two together and you'll figure it out.

Question #
All women like shoes, and some of us on this board have a shoe fetish. In the event any one wants to buy you a pair of shoes, what kind of shoes do you like and what shoe size are you?

I don't like shoes. I LOVE shoes and I will gladly accept any shoes with high high high heels (preferably designed by Christian Louboutin or Mr. Choo) Think Im kidding about the heels? I wore my 4.5" heels all throughout the cobblestone streets in Amsterdam last year! Oh, size 9 please.

Question #
Explain your obsession with the Power of Green.

When I was a little kid, my first bf told me that if I ate green M&Ms I would be horny...horny sounded good to me (I didnt know what it meant, surely he didnt either) but to this day...I swear by the Power of Green...a nice man named Hugo always makes me horny with his power of green.

Question #
What kind of car do you drive?

Mercedes Benz CLS550 - white - I love it.

Question #
Ever had a lesbian fling?

Nope...Ive been propositioned several times though. Closest thing to any girl on girl action Ive ever experienced was last week at the show in Florida.  Nothing like going to a strip club for your first time and having Jelena Jensen buy you your very first lap dance LOL THAT was a spectacle!!! Who you callin' straight laced Sleazy?!?!?

Question #
What TV show are you addicted to?

I cannot get enough of:

So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew (though I am quite disappointed in this season), Entourage, Dexter, Greys Anatomy, etc. Other than that, Im getting into Hung, and I love Prime Time and Dateline specials. And yes, I even flip on Big Brother, The Bachelor, Hell's Kitchen, Real World etc if the mood strikes...I like "reality" television

Question #15
Why do you use code words for life's most precious natural acts?

Its not so much that I use these terms for "acts" but I do use random words like "rooster" "snuggle" "Beano" "Boots" etc to covertly discuss different things when Im in public.

Question #16
What other jobs have you had before you got into adult?

Before XBIZ I worked at New Line Cinema as one of their two event producers. It started as an internship but, as soon as they realized I really was competent, they hired me on full time to work with them to put on some of the most amazing events EVER...from World Premieres to Oscar Parties and private Hollywood affairs, these were some of the best memories of my life!!! I was there for everything from the premiere of Blow to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy -- needless to say, it was an awesome and very fulfilling job. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end and New Line started seeing some financial strife and therefore had to choose me or the gal who had been there for 6 years prior, of course they chose her...but asked me to work hourly...I declined, it was time to move on...so I went on and upon graduating from college, started my own PR company...that was fun but I didnt make enough money to hire someone to work with me, I was bored being by myself so...I started my pursuit of finding the job I REALLY wanted...in Adult...and well, HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!

Question #
Working at Xbix must give you an interesting perspective on where our industry is heading. Where do you think our industry is heading, and where do you think we'll be five years from now?

Yes, working at XBIZ gives me a VERY interesting perspective on the industry at large...we are a hub for information from ALL sectors. I CAN assure you that the sky is NOT falling. There is still VAST OPPORTUNITY out there, the SMARTEST WILL SURVIVE. As long as people keep their fingers on the pulse, do not alienate their core clientèles, and remain dynamic in thought and application as well as vigilant in protecting their businesses (from piracy, unethical business practices, etc) they WILL survive and thrive. And don't forget, INFORMATION is KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE is POWER...

Question #
Explain to us what the purple banana is.

So Anne is somewhat of a "guru" when it comes to sex...she has great tips and pointers...all you need to do is ask for them. Anyhow, this ONE evening that we were having a girl's night I was sipping on my Grape Shasta Cola concoction and we get on the topic of oral sex...being a fierce competitor, I bet her that I could deep throat a banana better than she could. So, I took two bananas out of my fruit basket, both happened to be abnormally long and straight and well, we had our competition. We tied, but when I pulled mine out of my mouth...there was purple residue all over it (from the dye in the soda) and there you have "the purple banana." Gross right?!?!

Question #
What is it like working for Helmy?

I've been at XBIZ for about 5 years...I wouldn't have stayed if I didn't wholly respect the leader. Alec has changed a great deal since I began working here in early 2005...and all for the better. He is a good guy who, if he believes in you, will be good to you and reward your good work. I feel he is one of the most misconstrued and misunderstood personalities in the business but working for him has, thus far, been very rewarding and enjoyable. He has a HUGE heart and really believes in the good of everyone! For those of you who do not REALLY know him, I encourage you to get to know him

Question #
What is your goal in adult?

My goal is to be the best ambassador I can be for this industry by maintaining solid business ethics, applying myself 110% at whatever I do (whether it be selling ads or something else), and helping everyone and anyone I can to accomplish THEIR goals.

Question #
Do you plan on making this a full time gig for the rest of your life?

Not sure what you mean by "this" but yes, I plan to be in this business as long as I can contribute positively to it. As far as "full time," Im not certain as I really look forward to having kids (at least 2) eventually (NOT ANYTIME SOON) and it may become difficult to juggle a full time job and babies...I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Question #
Your a woman in an industry dominated by men. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? Does your sexuality help you or hurt you in this business?

No, I am not uncomfortable...never have been and really, being a woman hasnt affected my success one way or the other. At the end of the day, people will do business with people they like and respect...man or woman.

Question #
Do you Tivo "The View"?

Uh, no..random.

Question #
Who do you think is the most influential person in the industry today?

I think YOU, ME, and EVERYONE else involved in the business today is the most influential as to what the future will be. It is up to every single one of us to responsibly guide this business in the RIGHT direction...there are of course certain individuals who stand out as influential (for good AND bad) but I prefer not to name them as some people's feelings might get hurt. I will say this -- the MOST influential people never have to tell you how influential they are - their work speaks for itself and they are seldom, if ever, visible!

Question #
Everyone has a price. What would be your price to be content?

Good question...hmmm...here is an outlandish figure, but one that popped in my head...$15 million  But to be honest, its MUCH more fun keeping everyone guessing about what it would be like to see me naked or f*** me than actually show them "how I get down" so...I can guarantee that you will NEVER see me in front of the camera

Question #
Do your parents know what you do for a living?

Yes, of course. No one else really does though...hence the whole "Batman" issue. No one would believe me if I told them anyways.

Question #
Outside of Xbiz, who is the one person working in adult that you would consider your "best industry friend?"

I have a solid handful...and I am currently cultivating more...Ill come back to this one as I dont want to leave anyone off the list that deserves to be there...I dont want to hurt any feelings or look stupid...Id NEVER hear the end of it!!!!!!!

Ok...I think I have something like 4 or 5 more to answer and this Ambush will be complete...

Question #
 Are you a cat or a dog person?

Dog for sure - although I think cats are cute too and I can never get enough of the silly cat humor nonsense Anne sends me on almost a daily basis

Question #
 In Vegas a few years ago I caught you doing the robot. Is this a dance you do often?

Hahahahaha -- no. Infact its not so much me doing a dance when you see me busting out the robot, 9x's outta 10 its me making fun of something someone said to me -- I add the robotic movement for maximum effect

Question #
Why are you so afraid of change?

Im not "afraid" of change. Ive been blessed to have had a pretty awesome journey thus far that I am apprehensive about "shaking things up." Change is always a good thing...for heaven's sake, I myself have changed tremendously in the last year alone.

Question #
What kind of kid where you growing up? Nerd, cheerleader, druggie, jock?

I've always been dubbed "the ringleader of the circus." Im a capricorn and I fit the bill to a "T" -- Im a leader and a "climber." I was VP of the School, cheerleading captain, MVP of the track team, sorority girl, University Ambassador etc. I excelled at academics too. I guess its safe to say that I was the "nerdy, teacher's pet, cheerleader jock" type who attracted a lot of attention (mostly good, but some bad) but people from schools all over LA knew who I was But even being associated with all of that, I was able to hang with the hippy stoner artsy kids in their circle too - I love people, so I always kept vast social circles.

Question #
Would you buy the house you grew up in? Have you?

Question #
Have you ever broken your nose?

Yes, in 4th grade...I got in a fight with a tether ball...the tether ball won.

Question #
What is the biggest mistake you've ever made?

Im not a believer in mistakes...EVERYTHING YOU DO defines the person you are and therefore, you have to take the good and the bad and embrace all of it. However, as far as business goes, the first thing that comes to mind as being the biggest mistake was allowing myself to "be intimidated" by a group of individuals whom I now thoroughly enjoy hanging out with...they were harmless all along, but for some reason I was shy about getting to know them...I would have liked to be part of their "circle" years ago...but you live and learn and thats why now, Im not "afraid" of anyone



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