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GFY Ambush Interview thread RyuLion

Question #1
What the fuck is the dealo with you biting the asses of every women at a convention? What in the world started this? Were you abused as a child or something?

After taking this pic (2007 Phoenix Forum)
and the response I got, I decided to take it further, and since it wouldn't be cool to lick or kiss every girl's ass, I started biting it.
I continued doing it..the response at shows was getting better and better, so I did it even more and more. It became a marketing tactic.
I always get permission from each girl before doing it. Its part of just having fun at shows, the girls love my antics and shenanigans..

Question #
How did you get into adult, and who was the first company you worked for?.

When I worked for a mainstream company doing SEO, a adult Company (busty2.com) wanted to get Hosting but the boss didn't want to get a "adult client" so we had a meeting about it. We decided it was worth it because it was good money (year 2000). Of course we had break-in attempts, the Co-working was getting a lot of experience fixing the security holes, and what not. The Boss was getting tired of this client, then Phil (the client) came wanted SEO done, and again the money was good.

I saw no real future in that Company since it was small and the boss had a narrow vision of how he operated. So I decided to leave the company and work for busty2.com.

Question #
Is it true that you worked for Playboy, and do you hate the person that helped you get the job there?

Yes, and I miss the crew, it was one of the smartest crew I've worked with. They have a lot of potential. Why would I hate the person that got me that job, Rochard..!

Question #
Working for Playboy / ICS seems like a cherry gig. Why did you leave after seven months?

I know, it was cherry! I'm still bummed that I didn't use the health insurance that much.

The reasons were adding up really fast. I moved to a place (Roseville) where there was no nightlife, malls where still being built, it was like a ghost town!
I wasn't used to working for a 9-5 job, since I was working from Home before ICS.
Working there was nice, I was working with the top brains of Playboy (Chicago), realitycash.com, adult.com, and GFY to improve PlayboyWebMaster.com.
And Improve it I did!

Question #
What did you think of working for Lensman?

It was great working for this intelligent man, exchanging ideas, working day to day with him. I also enjoyed working with his boss's team at Playboy Chicago, I really can't say too much detail here, but all in all I know they're happy at what I did for them while working there. Besides all this I really didn't see happiness in myself since I wanted to run my own Company in the future, and reach my ultimate goals.

Question #
Is it true that you are pretty much a gourmet cook?

Yeap, its easy, it came natural for me too! Part of it was working 3 months (summer job) at Seaworld San Diego, prepping the meats and vegetables, then grilling the meats on a huge BBQ Grill (5x4). They always wanted two people to man the Grill to make sure none of the meats get over-cooked. I always told Management to let me handle the whole grill since I enjoyed it. After that, I pretty much started cooking at home, making all sorts of dishes.

Question #
What do you think about all these shows, are you ever gonna do any bussiness while attending?

Yes, I will do business when the percentage of actually affiliates and traffic Companies goes up vs. Hosting Co., Processors, and Sales Reps

I mean come on! What do you do with the new CC applications that you get in the mail? How do you feel about those?

Question #
I've never seen a Mexican on a ski slope. Do you ski?

No, but I ran Cross Country in High School and we won State Champions in 1991

Question #
Why do you cry when you get drunk?

Why does someone that's drunk bitch about what's going on, in this world? If you never got drunk then you don't know what I'm talking about here.

Question #
What was it like working with Ice? Are the rumors about him being bi-sexual true?

Working with ice 2 years ago was fun, I miss his antics. He's a smart guy too! Rene is bisexual like Juicy is Gay, does that answer this question? (its all a Joke)

Question #
What really happened with that bus load of Hookers in Costa Rica, did they really threaten the life of DH, Cory, and yours?

The thing is they thought we weren't gonna pay them because every time we went to a ATM and tried to withdrawal $ it didn't work. The banks blocked it because of where we were, it wasn't a pretty neighborhood. We explained the situation to our friends from the industry and they were chipping in.

Question #
You seem to be pretty well known on the boards, but no on seems to know who you work for. Um, who do you work for?

If you're talking about a 9-5 job I will never need one anymore. Besides running my own program: LatinDollars.com and its sites, I consult friends in the Biz on how to increase their direct sales and traffic. Right now I've been helping Bobg with NationalPornoGraphic.com

Question #
Have you ever driven three hundred miles to attend a party, gotten lost, showed up at midnight, drank for an hour and then passed out cold, only to wake up the next morning and leave without saying a word?

Oh my goodness! I can't believe both of us remember about that! Yeah, I drove from San Diego to Rocklin. I've never driven that far before and never will! but I needed too since I was going to get a job there so I wanted to see how the town was.

Question #
Where in the world did you get the name Ryulion? Isn't the name of a cartoon character or something?

well, before adult I had a clean mind and have been in Martial Arts for 7 years. I was in touch my Zen
Ryu = dragon (I was born in the year of the Dragon)
Lion = I'm a Leo (August)
I know that's not a webmaster nick but it got stuck to me, so I kept it.

Question #
You got to a lot of shows and get your photo taken biting the asses of models. Your also single. Do you ever get laid at shows?

Yes, I've been to a lot of shows, and have a lot of female friends, in fact I know have more friends in the industry than my San Diego friends that I grew up with.
I don't think it wouldn't make a difference if I said I did get laid all those times, the fact of the matter is I'm a nice guy and that's why the girls love me.

Question #
 At Cybernet Expo you stayed behind for a few days after the show ended. The gay pride parade was also held in San Francisco that weekend. Any connection between the two?

I stayed 1 day extra with a local friend, Duncan. I'll be doing back to SF in December, its a lot of fun there. It reminds me of Mexico City.
It has been increasing for us very well actually. Just wait till you see our DVDs we're producing. We're working with LA Directors to bring us some new stuff from South of the Boarder which everyone will like!

Question #
Have you ever threatened to kick someone in the balls with your chin?

ok, I was drunk and meant "foot shin" not my chin..

Question #
Although I'm not positive, if I had to guess you are Mexican. Has anyone in the industry ever tried to hire you to cut their grass?

yes but only by friends but they were just joking..

Question #
Seriously, the Hispanic footprint in the United States is increasing on a daily basis. Do you think that Hispanic / Latin related programs will see a huge increase in business in the next five to ten years?

Question #
I've never known anyone who owns a chicken. Do you own a chicken? And before you deny it, I already know that you keep it at your mother's house in San Diego. So spill it.

yes, my mom has chickens/Roosters at her yard, it was my grandmothers idea as she misses living in a ranch..They have a little house for them too because there's wolves that come at night and eat them. The area where the house is, is Zones for some livestock, we've even had some Billy goats in the past..

Question #
Have you ever spent an entire convention holding an umbrella for someone?

yes, it was during Xbiz Vegas, I held a pink umbrella over Jenni because I won the contest of being her Cabana Boy..Lucky me!

Question #
You tend to portray yourself as a hardcore drinker. But the truth is more like you too fast, and get drunker before anyone else. Isn't it?

I used to be really bad at that but people change! . Everybody gets drunk parts of their life, its not just me.  At least I don't hide it.

Question #
Other than your height, what do you have in common with Barney Rubble?

don't know where this question came from but then again, I don't know where others came from either..
I'm 5'8, that's not short..

Question #
You know a lot of models in the industry. Who is your favorite, and why?

I didn't have a favorite till I met wildNatalie.com she's not only cute but she's bisexual hence she's a lot of fun and open minded. Not only that but she's a smart girl. Like everyone else I love seeming girls makeout

Question #
What did you do before porn?

Well I was working in mainstream doing SEO, I pretty much build AdvancedWebPromotion dot com and was in charge of that Division. It was a great team and felt bad leaving them because I learned a lot while working there, it was the greatest experience for me..

Question #
Is it true that you are a closet World of Warcraft addict

the first time I was playing it, yeah I played for 4 months straight, and basically disappeared from this world. I stopped playing cold turkey, then started again, but now I only play weekends.

Question #
What does the future hold for you, are you just going to be bitting ass or ever get serious?

besides biting as I'm always serious when I'm working. Everybody that doesn't know me thinks I'm just a drunk that goes to shows and bites ass..but those that I've worked for know that I get work done, and am very responsible, loyal and compassionate about what I do.
I really don't care about what trolls on boards think of me, it doesn't do nothing for me anyway.

Question #
Your ICQ message says "Please, no sales reps" but yet every other day you spam your ICQ list with a link to GFY with a photo of you biting someone's ass. What's the difference between a sales rep and an ICQ board spammer?

Wait, am I the only one that has done that? Wow!
Its called marketing yourself remember? How many times have you posted that pic of you and Punker Barbie in the pool poring jagermaster?

Question #
You've been in the industry long enough to have an interesting perspective on the state of the industry. Do you think that tube sites are the death of our industry, or do you think that our industry is just suffering like every other industry? Do YOU own any tube sites?

Most of the illegal ones will get caught and go away but new ones will popup as usual. There will always be the "wrong ways" to make money in this industry but those don't last too long. Those people with no morals stay hidden because they always have something to hide.
I'm in the process of building my own tube sites but it'll only be my own videos (and affiliate programs I belong to), since I plan on always working honest and loyal to this Industry, and as part of my life ethics.

Question #
I you weren't working in the adult industry, what would you be doing today?

I would still be working in the technology industry but just mainstream. I love the challenge and since am very technical I can learn anything that is logical. I like solving puzzles and inventing new ones to further broaden my knowledge..

Question #
What is your biggest accomplishment in the industry?

Well, after multiple accomplishments in the adult industry and skills I have now I'm pretty much able to relax and travel when ever I want to, and get to wake up every morning to this beautify view:



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