Honez (Hone Lynn)
Hone Lynn is the Pretty face of FUBAR. Sheís been around in Adult since 1997 and online since 1994.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Honez (Hone Lynn)

Question #1
Can you trust people who use fake names in this industry?

People use fake names? I need a minute to wrap my blonde around this.

Question #
Where have you lived in your life and why?

Got a map handy? Oy.

I was born in S.W. Missouri. Lived there for 23 years and decided to move to Denton Texas and work with the state as an MHMR Aide. Met a girl, moved to Houston for a bit then back to Missouri. Then I met the ex and we lived to Reno, Nevada, Greensboro, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and finally settled in Ponce Inlet, Florida. When we split I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and two years ago finally realized a dream of living in Colorado where I am now. I love it here. And no, I don't want to move again unless it is in an RV.

Question #
Would you ever marry someone you met at a sex.com party? Discuss

Back in May of 2002 I was invited to a party at the Sex.com home. It was a sausage fest and by the end of the night I was seriously considering becoming a full time lesbian. Around midnight this guy and his entourage come walking in. He looks at me and tells me not to go anywhere that he will be right back. I started asking around and no one knew who he was. He was a party crasher and not even in the industry. For the rest of the night he was everywhere I was. He was obnoxious and I finally gave in. I threw his phone number away and didn't take his calls for weeks. He eventually called me from a number I didn't recognize and we talked. 6 years later, we got married.

Question #
Who takes care of your pets when you travel?

If my husband is not traveling with me, he does. If he is, then we usually have a house sitter.

Question #
Do only idiots ride their bikes in the winter?

You have not lived until you have donned winter bike riding attire and plowed through an untouched area of fresh snow on a mountain bike.

Question #
What all have you put in your mouth?

Lots of things but, I think I will focus on the food portion of it for this answer. 

Growing up I was always encouraged to try new food and I was never a picky eater, much to the delight of my mom. As an adult I have eaten things that I am sure most here have never tried. On that list are:

Frog legs

Out of that list the dove is my favorite and the opossum was nasty, nasty, nasty. At least I can say I tried it but, that is one thing I will never put in my mouth again.

Question #
Bungee jumping. Discuss

Hmmm, Not sure how to answer this. I have never been bungee jumping. Not sure I want to either. Now bungee cords are a whole other story  Duct tape, bungee cords and WD 40 and you can fix anything (or at least shut them up in the closet for a bit)

Question #
How does one get all the Lightspeed girls naked?

Throw a dodgeball?  Actually I used to be the talent coordinator for Lightspeed. I was in charge of all the girls at a Lightspeed Adventure Weekend photoshoot. I love those girls dearly but, I now know what it feels like to heard cats.

Question #
Is it true only the worst singers do karaoke?

No. The ones that have the most fun do!

Question #
Discuss campfire lasagna and skunks

I am a camping nut (love it) and I also love cooking great food while camping. I was at a campground in Sedona, AZ and had a big pot of lasagna cooking over the open fire. It was just after sunset so I went inside the tent to put on some warmer clothes and I hear my husband say "Oh shit. Buster, don't move". I come out of the tent to find our dog Buster staring quite curiously into the face of a skunk. The skunk finally wandered off but, returned later with friends. They were awful pests until after we ate and put the leftovers away. I guess my lasagna was making them hungry.

Question #
Isnít used furniture for hobos?

I admit it. I am a Craigslist whore  I love getting used furniture that I can fix up. I have a bar in my basement that was the nastiest looking thing when I bought it. All covered in wood grain contact paper and the rails had been painted a putrid shade of 1970's tan. I stripped it all down, painted it a glossy black, took all the paint off the rails and I now have a nice looking bar that cost me $35, some paint and a little elbow grease.

Question #
Why were your cloths drenched in red wine on your return from the Barcelona summit?

One would think it was because I had a bottle of red wine in my suitcase that broke, however, I didn't have a bottle in my bag at all. If I had of, I would have gone through my suitcase immediately upon returning home instead of waiting two days. To this day the only thing I can think of is that TSA was going through my bag and another bag at the same time, pulled a bottle out of the other bag and broke it over my open bag. In any case, I had red wine all over most of my clothes and of course, the majority were white. I took me an entire day and a whole bucket of OxyClean but, I managed to save everything except a pair of pants.

R.I.P. white pants 

Question #
The car accident was your fault. Admit it. Discuss

If you call some chick stopping dead in a merge lane in front of me my fault, then yes. Didn't do a thing to her truck but, she called the cops and I got a ticket. Pfffft

Question #
How many joints does one have to smoke before you become the couch?

Apparently, less than one.

Question #
How many joints does one have to smoke before you become the couch?

Last year I went home for a family reunion and my brother turned me on to hatchet throwing. He had a spare hunk of wood for a target so, I returned with it in my car and built a target here. I didn't just stop with hatchets though. I also bought a set of throwing knives. It is a great way to work out some aggressions.

Question #
Does FUBAR require you to use your frequent flyer miles for work purposes or are they yours to do with as you please?

It is pretty much 50/50.

Question #
Talk about all your jobs previous to porn.

My first job was as a Pharmacy Tech at a grocery store. I later moved to checkout and then to the bakery where I was the top rated cake decorator. Stayed there for 8 years then went to work for the State of Texas as a Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MHMR) aide for the State School working with mentally challenged women. From there I worked at a Veterinary Hospital, then I worked in office management/accounting for a truck driver leasing company, a general contractor and a dating company before getting into web design in 1994.

Question #
Does it bother you that your husband shoots porn? discuss

Not at all. In fact, I am the one that got him into the business. Lightspeed wanted to hire me as his photographer and I said my then boyfriend, was a much better photographer. Steve said he didnít know my boyfriend so I told him to set up a shoot, have us both shoot it and pick the pics he liked best. He choose my guyís pics and hired him.

Question #
How much did you pay the police to leave you alone when you ran a swing club?

Nothing. It was an off premise club meaning no sex happened in the club. It was just a place for people to meet.

Question #
Do animals really like to break dance?

Opossums do! I hit one with my car once, heard the dreaded thump thump as it passed underneath and looked back in the rear view mirror expecting to see a mess. Instead I see this opossum on its back, spinning in the middle of the road. It literally looked like it was break dancing.

Question #
Why does airport security hate you?

Two words. Vibrating razor.

Question #
How did you get started in online adult?

I started designing mainstream websites back in 1994. In 1998 I was watching TV and saw a couple that had their own amateur site called the Wetlands. I thought hey, I can do that. So, a few months later I launched my own solo site.

Question #
Are there any naked or hardcore pictures of you out there?

I think that question has been answered already J (Yes.)

Question #
How did you get hired by FUBAR?

I have known JFK for years and he always told me if he were hire someone, it would be me. In February of 2009 he stuck to his word.

Question #
Have you seen Sandy naked?

Only her FUBARLand.com avatar.

Question #
What is your favorite event in this industry and why?

YP has always been a favorite of mine. It was always laid back and more of a working vacation. Too bad it is no longer.

Question #
Who do you look up to in this game, down on?

I look up to every woman in this industry that has paved the way and proven some staying power ( you know who you are ladies) .. I look down on no one. We all are one big, albeit sometimes dysfunctional, family. We all contribute something no matter if it is positive or negative. I am not a judgmental person and I refuse to put myself above anyone so as to be looking down on them.

Question #
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years older and in a new niche. I am thinking Panda will be the new cougar. Mmmmm tender, tasty bamboo.

Question #
Why was your favorite job also your worst paying job?

I was working for a veterinary hospital as the Drís assistant. We were a 24/7 emergency hospital and I had the 6am shift. With my experience as a pharmacy tech, I had the added job of filling scripts. I loved, loved, loved working there but, the pay was barely minimum wage.

Question #
Talk about your high school experiences and your first sexual experience. Did you use a condom?

Not enough time to talk about my high school experiences. My first sexual experience happened in the back of a 1972 Chevy Chevelle listening to Van Halen. We were parked by a pet cemetery and yep, got the typical flashlight visit from a local cop. Condom? Aids was not a big issue yet. Yep. I am that old.



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