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GFY Ambush Interview thread CamZ Dan

Question #1
You always keep yourself well groomed which has people wondering, is the hair on your head yours?

Yes all mine. I am the one male child that my parents had that was able to hang on to all of the hair  My progressive forehead makes it look like a receding hairline but it remains where it was 20 years ago.

Question #2
What's the nastiest thing you have ever had in your mouth? And no it does not have to be food.

hmm. a few things come to mind here but without sounding indiscreet here. I would have to say it is not an oyster shooter from Nobu I love those. Early in the amateur/swinger days I went down on a gal during a photo shoot and my tongue burned from it. No worries it was not permanent or incurable lol but I would have to say that was the nastiest thing I had in my mouth

Question #
You have a lovely new car, what possessed you to own such an extravagant toy? Why did you total it?

When I drove Mitch's for the first time I fell in love with the car and the amount of car you get for the money. It really is a great deal. While in Vegas for AVN I got a line on someone selling one with very low miles and for a great price. It was loaded perfect car for nearly almost 40k off. WHen I met the person to check it out, it turned out to be the Pres/COO of the Bellagio in Vegas. So I could not turn down both a great deal on the car I wanted and the great hookup at one of the best hotel's in my favorite destination in the US.

As for why I wrecked it. it is not totaled BTW it did sustain about 30k in damage from putting it up on a curb one night. Lets leave it at that shall we  The company line is that a family of raccoons jumped in front of me, and no they did not even stop to see if I was ok.

Question #
How many Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton hand bags have you purchased in your life?

too many!! between an ex wife that was a shopaholic and two teenage Daughters well trained in these things I have bought more then my fair share. Then there is those special clients that get them for kick backs

Question #
If a hurricane was about to hit FL and you were told you that you had to evacuate but could only take 5 items with you what would those items be and why?

Do children count? assuming not. 1. Laptop. 2. Cell Phone 3. Apple TV 4. the very large box of expensive purses as described above 5. contents of safe

Question #
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Some would say I never will grow up. but assuming that I will eventually I would I want to be the father I never had to my wonderful kids. To watch them grow up and raise their children like I raised them.

Question #
How much time do you spend on FaceBook as it appears that you are a social network whore!

It is very close to the perfect way to keep in touch and update friends and family. I am a facebook whore I guess. Competition on the games to updating where I am and what I am doing. It keeps me close to those I am far away from. Love it.\

Question #
Have you ever signed up to a cam models solo site?

I was a member of several for many years. My favorites have been and two of the finest people in the business.

Question #
What's your favorite horror movie and what is your fascination with them?

I just love the old cheesy horror flicks. Some of my favorites were Last American Virgin , Cannibal Holocaust, The old Creature Feature series. I love to snuggle up and watch a good horror flick.  Well I love a good snuggle and scary movies make people want to stay close and squirm

Question #
Talk about your RV trip and overflowing urinals.

OMG I think this was about 4 years ago we rented some Rv's and went camping. The guy warned me about using the toilets for #2. Naturally we did not listen and I could not figure out how to drain these things. Well needless to say it was just starting to get ripe when we left. During the drive the shit literally started coming up from the shower and it smelled so bad. the water (I use that term lightly) was splashing and stunk up the cabin so bad when we stopped for gas everyone left me to drive alone. My head hanging out the window driving down the freeway like a puppy on his first drive. Never again.

Question #
Why do you love fishing so much?

I have never been a fisher man lol But there was this one time that I took the family to clearlake in Cali and stopped to buy all new fishing polls, boxes, gear, all the good stuff. We spent the entire day on the pier fishing and not one damn fish. I finally said screw this and left to get a beer. Came back to my 9 year old (at the time) son holding the biggest fish I had ever seen with the big smile on his face. I remember saying "thats my boy!!" Hugging taking pictures. Stopping people walking by. I turned to my son and asked him how he caught it. He looks at me says "Dad it was the darnedest thing, I was sitting there putting another worm on the hook and I looked down and this fish was floating by I reached down and pulled him out" This dead fish was the only damn thing we caught on the whole trip. We had those damn poles sitting in the garage for 10 years never touched them again good times.

Question #
Did you ever finish your high school or are you still a drop out? Why?

I did get my GED while in the Army, Continued to college some years later while in Kansas. I dropped out to raise my son. I was 16 when my son was born. Married and divorced single parent with 100% custody by the time I was 18. I needed to feed my Son so I went to work

Question #
Talk about water softeners.

What do you want to know? I used to know all there was about water. When I was about to get out of the Army. I started selling water softeners at night. I was doing very well and was the top sales rep for Rainsoft in the Monterey Area. I kept beating out the one guy who was supposed to be able to sell ice to Eskimo's. His brother was putting out Vending machines and wanted to meet me. This is how I started in the Vending business. The first month working for him he set me up with my first business. Vending.

Question #
What cities have you lived in and why?

Born and raised in the NW suburbs of Chicago, Moved from their to Monterey Cali (army) LA where I started Vending, San Francisco to expand the vending, Shawnee Kansas, Expanding to all of the midwest area for vending, Then Melbourne florida to expand the adult side.

Question #
What is DateCamCash?

DateCamCash is our new program. We decided some time ago that for us it would be better to move away from the CamZ brand and rebuild using more modern tech as well as upgrade our affiliate system. We also wanted to be able to bring on the dating side of the business as well as some associated products like male enhancement products . We rebuilt this from the ground up. One the cam side we have completely tossed the old script and replaced it with a new one. It allows us to add many of the features that both performers and members are looking for. We are also about completed the dating site which we expect to launch in July WIth our cam integrated into the site we expect great opportunities for our affiliates to maximize both of the top two selling areas of adult. We will also be adding male enhancement products to even further maximize the ability to cross sale all three of the products. For those interested in white labels and/or doing their own billing this is very important they can track and cross sell all three areas and still be within the new rules from Visa.

Question #
How do you balance your family life with your work?

These days it has become a little more difficult but at the same time more substantial on both fronts. When I was married and knew that my family was good and kids were taken care of it gave me an excuse to over work. Now that I am once again a single parent I am digin it. I spend more quality time with my girls. I am more focused at work. I do see the near future having less time for myself but it really is more rewarding and I am at peace. I do not expect to be single very long though. I am a hopeless romantic and need the substance of a relationship in my life. But I will wait for the right gal.

Question #
Why work with amateurs?.

It is where I came from. I understand what they go through. What their sites means to them. They are real, more fun, they are more honest. Think about when the conventions were fun and popular, one of the reasons they were fun and productive were the amateurs. When you went to an amateur party you had a good time (usually naked) and did business. The conventions really went down hill after the amateurs stopped coming.

Question #
How did you get into this business?

I was scrolling through some dating/swinger site with my then wife. We decided to meet up with this gal and her hubby. She showed us her amateur site and asked us if we wanted to shoot pics with them for that site. We said "Love to" and bam, we were naked and having fun. My wife and I looked at each other the next day and thought it was a great ice breaker for meeting new people. We called up that gals webmaster and he offered to build us our first site a swinging couple site. This was 1998 we did and was soon to follow. We did not really look at is as a profit center we just wanted to enhance our fun times. Turned out to do very well. With the help of friends Butch and Karen (great people BTW) from we were able to start off on our own shortly after.

Question #
What were your first, second and third jobs?

My very first job was a pizza delivery guy. But I had a cherry Camero and hated what it did to the car.

My second job was in the Army Infantry. I was a TOW gunner.

Third was the Water Softener Sales rep. 1986

fourth was Vending (Self)

Last was Porn

Question #
Ever been in a fight? What happened?

I have been in a few but there is one that stands out. It is also one of life's most embarrassing moments When I was about 16 I had this guy steal my GF at the time. When I confronted him about it he said fucking her was like fucking a warm cup of water. Now a days I would say hey maybe she is just used to a larger cock then your little pecker but no I took great offense and started a fight. Well he stole my girl, insulted her, and kicked my ass.

Question #
Talk about drugs and booze.

Hmm. I have a lot to say on the subject but I will limit it in scope. I have been clean of drugs with very few exceptions for 18 years. I was a coke addict and I have a week threshold when it comes to limitations on things like that so I tend to take things to the extreme. Plus I love life without it and do not need stimulants to have any more fun.

As for drinking. I love to drink when I am away from home or on vacation. But when I am at home I do not drink much other then the occasional social drink or with dinner out.

I have been very fortunate that I was able to curtail my usage when I did it really was instilled in my kids. Although they have experimented none had any problems related to drugs. Knock on wood.

Question #
What is your favorite Adult internet convention/show and why?

There are a few that I really like. Obviously anyone that knows me knows I like any show in Vegas  But ironically it is not my favorite. If I must pick one it would have to be Phoenix Forum. That show stands out in my book as one that is most productive and most organized within a perfect setting.

Xbiz does a great job with their events to make them valuable to the companies doing business with them.

I am looking forward to branching out to the Europe shows later this year into next.

Question #
Post pictures of your house(s) and discuss.

My House we built it about 5 years ago.
ok sorry had to snap a few pics and post them of the house.

Question #
Talk about your time in the military

The first day of basic training at Ft Benning GA was my 18th birthday and no one knew it  I had joined the military to raise my new family. I had a rough time. Aug in GA is HOT for a city kid. I had two heat exhaustions and a heat stroke. They called me private pass out some of the NY kids tried to call me Sugar but not for long lol. I was in the infantry went on to Fort Ord in Monterey as an 11H (TOW Gunner Tank killer) Shortly after arriving however I gained 100% custody of my Son as a single parent. I was in what was called a cohort unit meaning we were trained together, get assigned together and then do a tour in Korea on the DMZ together. However since I was a single parent I was no longer deployable. So I got moved to Division HQ to be a driver for the ADCM, Assistant Division Commander for Maneuvers, 1 star Gen. Did a good job and got a gig driving for a regimental XO which was Sham status. I worked very little got to have a lot of time with my Son. played a lot of Racquetball with the boss. Never made formations or anything. It was great. Spent a few months in Japan. I learned a lot about myself. I went in a kid not ready for much of anything and came out with a sense that I can do anything.

Question #
Poker Why the obsession?

It is the perfect game. I have always had an attraction to games and strategies. Poker is the perfect game and making choices based on incomplete information and calculating odds and studying body language and tendencies. It also has instant rewards and has taught me patience, something I have always lacked in. It is also something that I share with my friends there is an endless amount of material to talk about with your friends that are interested in the game and really take heart and love the game. It has been fun watching folks like Mitch Farber and his GF Marilyn really grow into solid players. There really seems to be a lot of fun people in our industry that love the game. Like Claude (gamma), Dave (Python), Mike Hawk, Joe spikes (Smashbucks), Ardy (CE), Andy (Big Clicks) and so many more. It is some of the best times playing with them that I have had. Good friends, Good times, and the perfect game, What is not to like?

Question #
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

Certainly first and foremost would be Mitch farber, He is a great business man, great friend, and an all around good guy that I am proud to call my friend.

Kevin Ho from top bucks. What he has amassed and how he diversified over the years, the quality of people and work that his company has put out is amazing. A solid guy as well. Respected from all that has done business with him and from those that work with him.

Tony Morgan is one of those special kind of guys. He lives the life that I would kill to have  Great business guy, with a lot of fun times. He knows quality, treats people around him very well. He is one that if you are around him he makes it his mission to make sure that you are taken care of whether it is business or fun. He will settle for only the best.

Some others are Allan Henning Dating gold, Claud (gamma), Rainey Strickland, Liz from AEBN, Andy from Big Clicks. Ardy from CE. All very smart, very organized, and talented people in my book.

As for who I look down on. I am not one to think he can look down on anyone but if the question was what do I not like about this business and what types of people do I not like I would have to say those that treat the performers in our industry like crap, and with distain, treat people around them badly just because they can. I hate the overseas card slammers that fuck it up for the rest of us.

Question #
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

lol I know. If I were one to fancy the cock...... No contrary to popular belief Mitch nor I "Like the cock" and that term is an inside joke that many know about. There was this thing between us where he would get people to come up to me and ask "Hey Dan can I ask you a question?" and if I was stupid enough to say yes. They would say "Do you like the cock?" Now to any normal person that seems really dumb. However Mitch is one of those guys that always had to push it. and he got me several times with various people and yes I fell for it. But there was this one time at Dicks Last Resort in vegas. If you have never been there it is a loud burger place where they are rude to everyone, create funny hats and embarrass you as best they can. Well I bribed the waitress to put on his paper hat "I Like the Cock". She took it one step further and comes out with this 6 foot blow up cock and stands on the stage stops the entire restaurant and says "Mitch has decided to come out of the closet, He likes the cock." Mitch stands up and says I do!! Grabs the blow up dick puts it on his pelvis a little old lady of about 80 years old stand up in front of him in the middle of the place and grabs the head of this thing, pulls her teeth out and acts like she is sucking him off. It was one of the funniest things ever and a complete payback on my part.

No we are not gay and to be honest I don't think Mitch is able to have sex well at least that is what his girls tell me.

Question #
What's the most extravagant party you've ever thrown? Discuss in details.

I would say the biggest party we ever threw was for our Amateur Sites 2 or 3 year anniversary we had 45 amateurs from all over the country converge on a swing club in Miami I think it was the Velvet something. We packed the place for the party with members and amateurs everyone was nuts that entire weekend. We had lots of great prizes shot a ton of content. gang bangs, groups, hot amateurs streaming live. It was awesome!!

Question #
If you could change one thing in your life and do it over what would that be?

By when I had the chance  When we launched CamZ and I worked out an arrangement to use that domain. Joe ( goes and buys for what I understand was $17,500. He later offered it to me for $100k and I did not do it then. When Lars bought it for whatever he paid for it. I was sitting on a bus with him returning from a party. He told me he got it back very quickly  That is the one thing I for sure would do dif.

Question #
Are you really a blond?

Well I was a lot blonder then I am now as a younger lad. However I do get highlights to retain that youthful look I am known for lol

It is a dark more of a dirty blonde but thanks for asking.

I really had a lot of fun doing this thank you all for your kind words and support during these days.



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